Add Your Event

It is FREE to add your event on Estacada Local.  If you have a single event such as a meeting, garage sale, fund raiser you can add your event(s) by clicking the single event button below.  You can also add single repeating events such as “Friday Night Dance” that happens every Friday Night or other custom scheduling.  You can also sell tickets with our free event software!

Click Here to Add a Single Event

FACEBOOK NO LONGER SUPPORTED! More info coming soon!

If your Estacada based business or organization has a Facebook page we can sync with your page’s events.   When you add an event to your Facebook it will show up on Estacada Local automatically!  We sync free accounts once per week so it won’t show up right away.  If you host a My Community TV Screen your events will be synced daily.  

Click Here to Add Your Sync 

Click Here to Learn How to Add Facebook Events to your Page

Click Here to Read the Facebook Events Best Practice Guide

Upgrade Your Event!

Tickets – Sell Online & Printed Tickets or just use Free RSVP’s

Check in App – Mark tickets as used to prevent duplicates.
Send messages to attendees of your event.  

Promotion – Let the experts take your event to the next level
with social media and targeted advertising campaigns.