Premium Services

We offer a collection of programs for Estacada Area businesses. 

Estacada Local Web Site Hosting & Maintenance

Get your website on a secure network that is updated and maintained so you don’t have to think about the tasks that go along with having a successful website.

  1. Your Website hosted on our secure servers using the latest & fastest SSD drives.
  2. Easily update your website using wordpress and our suite of managed premium plugins.
  3. Tech support from locals who care about you and the success of your business!
  4. Syndicate content from your event calendar, news feed or blog across our network.

Normal cost of managed hosting if you purchase it from ClackaNET is $29.00 month.

Join Through Estacada Online to get it for only $149 per year


Estacada.Online Guest Wi-Fi Portal

Get your customers on a secure wireless network that is separate from your business computers and credit card machines.  You Guest Wi-fi will have 3 benefits.

  1. Connect your Facebook Page and use check-ins instead of a password to get online.
  2. Display the Estacada Online Splash Page to promote Estacada as a whole.
  3. Secure your customers and your own devices with HIPAA & PCI Compliant level security.

Normal subscription fee from Social Wireless Media is $12 per month.

Join Through Estacada Online to get it for $99 per year


Estacada Local TV Displays

We now offer HDTV displays that show all local Estacada information along with your own graphics promoting your special offers or show your menu.

  1. Connect your Facebook Page to connect Social Media with your bricks and mortar location.
  2. Display the Estacada Local calendar of events in between your own slides.
  3. Plug and Play hardware works with your own HDTV Screen.

Join Through Estacada Online PRICE NEGOTIABLE 


Play Estacada Collaborative Marketing

Table Toppers

HDTV Digital Sign Advertising

Online Business Marketing

Special Event Marketing

Low Cost, High Quality Printing

 E-mail Jordan if you are interested in joining.