Rails to Trails Coming to Estacada?!?

The proposed Cazadero Trail route follows the historic Oregon Water Power and Railway Co. rail line, which connected Portland to Cazadero, two miles upriver from Estacada. The trail would drop into Deep Creek Canyon from the northeast in Boring and extend the Springwater Corridor from downtown Portland to Barton. The creek serves as the principal corridor connecting the Clackamas River to habitat in the urbanizing Milwaukie and Johnson Creek watershed. Interested parties working on plans and coordinating efforts for the Cazadero Trail corridor include Clackamas County, the Boring CPO, the Salvation Army and Oregon State Parks.

In the future, the Cazadero Trail could extend beyond Barton through Eagle Creek, Estacada, the Faraday, Cazadero and Promontory Park areas on up the Clackamas River corridor eventually connecting to Mount Hood and the Pacific Crest Trail.