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EstacadaLocal.com was started in 2007 by Jordan Winthrop an Estacada resident and owner of Winthrop Web Services.  The mission was to create a FREE information website for Estacada businesses, events, community resources, and all things in or around Estacada and the Clackamas River Area that was truly open to all and non-discriminatory.

We believe that knowing  you have local options in your own community to buy products and services is empowering.  Shopping locally will help support the community you live in and keep automobile trips down to save on fuel, in turn helping our environment.  We believe that keeping the focus on our community will help everyone.

In the beginning of 2014 i was asked by a local business association to create a website fit to bring tourist in to our area to enhance the economy.    With a change in leadership the project got redirected and someone else took over starting from scratch.  (it now doesn’t even exist anymore)   I didn’t want all my hard work and research to go to waste and i believed in the strategy to help local businesses.   I did a little patch work and launched the website i was working on as PlayEstacada.com  It’s focus is on all the fun things there are to explorer for someone who is visiting our area but also a great resource for locals and new residents to get to know what a gem Estacada truly is.

With that project under my belt i decided to tackle an online resource for Estacada’s History.  In 2015 EstacadaHistory.com was launched with fun historic interactive maps.   We even built a touch screen kiosk that has been placed at local events where people could explore our history.   (contact us if you are interested in hosting the kiosk)   It is a work in progress and we are always looking for more pictures and stories to make it a resource for many generations to come.

We need your help! Make EstacadaLocal.com your home page and help support your community.  We also offer discounted website design & hosting to help small business compete online.  You can join as a free member which means you will get discounts and offers before anyone else.   You will also be able to add events to the online calendar and even create a free blog to enhance this website with your own content.

Our Contact Info.
Owner & Webmaster
Jordan Winthrop
E-Mail: [email protected]

Winthrop Corp.
C/O EstacadaLocal.com
P.O. Box 2370
Estacada, OR 97023