Estacada’s Oldest Squatter Getting Kicked to the Curb?

You may have seen people roaming around town, pushing shopping carts down the sidewalk, or sleeping in a corner of The Safari Club building before it was demolished (that’s another story) but Squatting on the streets of Estacada has more meaning for one Estacada resident.

Dave, as some people call him,  can be seen standing proud in his usual spot along Hwy 224 greeting visitors and residents alike to our quaint city.   He has been a icon in front of Estacada City Hall for about 20 years but now the City may give him the boot.   At a a recent City Council meeting evicting Dave was discussed by City Manager Denise Carry.   It seems like there could be a move to the City Portal, the rest area at the entrance of Timber Park along side a new friend, former Mike’s Second hand store trusty security Sasquatch.

Why Dave?  Because locals say that he was modeled after a local logger David Poulin.  Carved by Bobby Lehnen in the 90’s.  Many business contributed to having him created.  There used to be a plaque that has yet to be rediscovered.

Why does Dave get so much love?  Well this is Estacada and he is a Logger. Just sayin’.  But the love of Dave and his current home doesn’t seem like a big debate.  Almost every comment i have read on Facebook has been in support of the logger staying put.  During the meeting I attended moving him didn’t get much traction. And i am pretty sure none of the gossip at The Caz or Bloom Cafe has been in support of moving him.   In fact he has gained so much support that a petition on has sprung up, created by  Kimberly Binder.

Our beloved logger also has a world wide following with mention of him more than once in travel and media outlets.  Just read what NBC News had to say in their article that places Estacada next to travel destinations in Italy and Brazil! Thinking Nomads also has mention of the Logger in their article about best travel destinations pitting us against towns in Laos, Germany and Uzbekistan!

How can you help this lone logger?  Sign the petition!